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AIR SYSTEMS, Mack NFPA Manifolds

AIR SYSTEMS, Mack NFPA Manifolds

Product Code: MACKNFPA

Total Price:    $2,195.00 

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The MACK-NFPA series has been developed specifically for the Fire/Rescue teams working under NFPA guidelines. The NFPA version of the MACK unit comes in two standard models. Each model has two separate regulator/manifold systems. Two SCBA connect whips are provided for each regulator. In the event of regulator malfunction, rescue can be performed on the standby regulator system. The basic unit described above, Model MACK-NFPA1, can have a regulator isolation valve added to allow one or both air sources to be used simultaneously; this addition forms the Model MACK-NFPA3 which has a CGA-347 high pressure inlet included. Please choose Schrader or Hansen style fittings. Weight: Mack NFPA1 23 lbs. (11.3 kg). Mack NFPA3 28 lbs. (12.7 kg). Made in the U.S.A.

#MACK-NFPA1 Dual independent regulators with 3-outlet manifolds, dual low pressure alarms, 4 each 5 ft. connect whips.
#MACK-NFPA3 MACK-NFPA1 with the addition of a regulator isolation valve and CGA-347 H/P inlet and cover cap.