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BMS, Belay Spool

BMS, Belay Spool

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Ref: BMS-10

Price:    $113.90 

An advantage of the BMS Belay-Spool is it’s ease of being rigged. The side plates are opened and the rope is wound around the drum filling the slots from one side to the other, the side plates closed, and the device secured to an anchor. Either end of the rope can be selected for attachment to the load with the remaining end being held by the belayer. It should be noted here when on belay that this end of the rope must be securely held by the belayer at all times. The only exception to this is after the device has been locked off. This is acccomplished by tying a couple of half hitches on the load side rope with a bight of rope from the belayer side.
Weight 2.2 lbs. (.99 kg). Made in the U,S.A.

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