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CON SPACE,Rescue Kit 3

CON SPACE,Rescue Kit 3

Product Code: CSI-RES-KIT3

Price:    $4,675.00 

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CON-SPACE Rescue Kit 3
Configured for a team of three Rescuers: two Entrants and one Attendant for 100-foot entry. Additional Cable can increase entry distance up to 1,500 ft. (457 M).
CON-SPACE Rescue Kit 3 includes:

1 CSI-1100 Mini Module
1 CSI-2130 Talk Box
1 Head Set (Single, behind head -32" w/Boom Mic wind screen)
1 Heavy Duty Clothing Clip
2 Face Mask Com Set w/ Universal Speaker
2 Speaker Harness
1 1 ft Mic Mute Cable
1 10 ft Operator Cable w/ Mic Mute switch
1 20 ft Operator Cable w/ Mic Mute switch
2 100-ft Communication Cable with Strain Relief and Snap Hook
1 CSI-1000 Carrying Case

Weight 23 lbs. (10.5 kg). Made in Canada.