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CON SPACE, Victim Locator Kit

CON SPACE, Victim Locator Kit

Product Code: CSI-VLK

Price:    $3,140.00 

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The Victim Locator Kit is a lightweight, portable, battery powered system that can be operated by a single rescuer. The Rescue Probe is designed to detect and communicate with victims trapped in collapsed or confined structures. The Probe is a stainless steel, rugged, waterproof, two-way communication device which can be lowered or pushed through rubble to contact victims.

CON-SPACE Victim Locator Kit includes:

1 CSI-1100 Mini Module
1 Rescue Probe
1 25 ft Probe Interface Cable
1 Headset Double, behind head -32" w/ Mute
1 1 ft Cable w/ Mute Switch
1 Rope Coupler
1 Pipe Coupler
1 50 ft Probe Cord w/ Snap Hook
1 CSI-1000 Carry Case
Weight 17.1 lbs. (7.7 kg). Made in Canada.

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