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Rock-n-Rescue Frequent Rescuer Loyalty Program Terms & Conditions
The Following Rock-N-Rescue/J. E. Weinel, Inc. Frequent Rescuer Loyalty Program agreement describes the terms and conditions that apply to the account of your Frequent Rescuer Points (FRP). By using your FRP you agree to the terms of this agreement.
What do I get?
A FRP will be earned for every dollar a customer spends on orders placed and shipped on the R-N-R website only. Example place an order for $500.00 and the first shipment is for $400.94, 400 FRP's will be earned. When the backorder of $99.06 is shipped, 99 FRP's will be earned. Shipping and sales tax do not qualify for FRP.
How Do I Use my FRP's?
After each order shipped on the website, in a reasonable amount of time (please bear with us) we will send you an email with your account ID and your FRP balance. All you need to do is the next time you place an order on the R-N-R website, in the comment section of the order form, just list your account ID and we will do the rest. That is all you need to do, but please remember to put your account ID in the comment section or you will not receive the discount. We will then email you a confirmation showing you the discounted prices.
FRP Discounts:
100 points - 1% off
200 points - 2% off
300 points - 3% off
400 points - 4% off
500 points - 5% off
600 points - 6% off
700 points - 7% off
800 points - 8% off
900 points - 9% off
1000 points - 10% off - maximum discount per order

The Rock-N-Rescue loyalty program for each individual customer begins with their first order. The program will continue until the time R-N-R terminates the program. R-N-R may amend the terms of this program at any time. R-N-R has the sole authority to discontinue the program at anytime, any FRP's will no longer be active. R-N-R is not liable to inform members of dissolution.

FRP can only be accumulated and used via orders placed on the website. Phone, mail, e-mail, showroom or trade show orders, wholesalers (dealers), faxed or discounted orders do not accumulate or cannot use FRP. Website orders only, no exceptions.

R-N-R reserves the right to correct the balance of your FRP account if we believe that a clerical, billing or accounting error occurred.

R-N-R reserves the right to delete accumulated FRP from member accounts after an inactive period of 12 months.

FRP are not transferable to any other accounts or addresses from your initial account ID setup. It is the member's responsibility to inform us in writing of any address changes.

The Loyalty discount only applies to all regularly priced products and does not apply to any sale, special or clearance items. Also the following vendor's products are excluded from this program, Air Systems, Paratech and Oceanid.

The biggest legal disclaimer: R-N-R is a small company just trying to reward their customers for their loyal business. We are attempting this program in house with no help from outside companies or computer programs. Please bear with us as we try to work out all the kinks and issues with this program. As always please contact us with any questions or concerns. We are just trying to say thank you and reward you for coming back.