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R-N-R, Personal Escape - Rescue Ladder Belt

R-N-R, Personal Escape - Rescue Ladder Belt

Product Code: WESB-XX

Price:    $75.00 

{Description}The Rock-N-Rescue Escape/Ladder Belt can be used as an emergency self rescue belt and can also be used as a truck belt or safety belt during ladder operations. Constructed of 2" nylon webbing covered with a reflective material. Equipped with a large double locking snap and a 4" diameter attachment ring that make it easy to clip an optional extra carabiner on it. An optional auto-locking ladder hook can be permanently attached to the Escape/Ladder Belt. Includes a harness bag. Auto-Locking carabiner is optional. Made in the U.S.A. THIS ITEM DOES NOT QUALIFY FOR FREE SHIPPING
{Weight} Weight:
Small/Medium 2.4 lbs.
Large/X-Large 2.45lbs.

Small/Medium fits waist size 30" - 46"
Large/X-Large fits waist size 46" - 58"

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