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Important Information on the Petzl EXO Personal Escape System

Petzl Personal Escape System

The Petzl EXO Personal Escape System provides firefighters with a fast, reliable means of egress from a burning multi-story structure. A firefighter equipped with the system can quickly anchor the fire resistant rope with the hook or other anchoring device and move rapidly towards the point of exit.
The self-braking EXO device helps prevent the firefighter from falling or losing control of the rope, allowing him to exit the building. Once outside, he can use the EXO to descend to a lower level. Trained personnel can execute the entire exit sequence in as little as 10 seconds.
The kit includes the Petzl EXO, carry bag, carabiner, Crosby Hook and 50' of Technora rope.

Due to the critical nature of the application, PETZL requires that an authorized training course be provided to teach personnel how to properly use the EXO Personal Escape System. Rock-N-Rescue is an Authorized PETZL Dealer and Authorized PETZL Trainer.

Rock-N-Rescue EXO Training

Rock-N-Rescue EXO class targets Firefighters who are interested in purchasing the Petzl EXO escape system. Due to the serious nature of this device, the Petzl system cannot be purchased without this mandatory training class. This escape system is one of the few on the market to be certified by UL and NFPA. Petzl has certified and authorized Rock-N-Rescue to administer this class so Fire Departments or individual firefighters may purchase this system.
The program consists of a 3 hour powerpoint program which introduces the student to the principles of manufacturing, components, deployment, repacking of the system, inspection and care. The hands-on portion of this class includes an 8 hour day of system deployment. Students will demonstrate different types of anchoring, deployment, and descending from a window. Upon successful completion of this course, a certificate will be issued to each individual student confirming that the firefighter is certified to purchase and use this system.

Frequently Asked Questions.

1.) Can our fire department purchase a sample EXO System for testing?
Yes, but you must first have a Petzl Sales representative provide a 2 hour long demonstration of the EXO system to your organization's assigned test personnel. The EXO system must be returned following testing.

2.) Can individual firefighters purchase the EXO system without their fire departments approval?
Yes, but you must first attend an EXO end user course before purchasing the kit. Call Rock-N-Rescue for certification information.

3.) Can Petzl recommend training organizations that provide EXO system end user and train the trainer courses?
Yes. Petzl has authorized Rock-N-Rescue through their training program to provide certified training courses.

4.) Can fire departments have their Training Officers participate in an EXO trainer course so that they can in turn train their own firefighters?
Yes. You can qualify to become an Authorized EXO trainer. Contact Petzl or Rock-N-Rescue for more information.

5.) Can these Training Officers train other fire departments outside their department?
No. This qualification is specific to your organization.

6.) Can fire departments purchase the EXO and Triact carabiner components separately from their kits?
No. The EXO kit is engineered as a complete system and is manufactured, tested and inspected under Petzl's ISO 9001 quality control standard and certified under NFPA standards as a complete personal escape system.


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