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PETZL, Podium Work Seat

PETZL, Podium Work Seat

Product Code: S70

Price:    $211.95 

Technical Notice

Designed for use in conjunction with a fall-arrest or work positioning harness (NAVAHO® COMPLET, NAVAHO® VARIO, NAVAHO® VARIOBELT, FALCON). It is suitable for work involving alternate periods of suspension on a rope and walking. Excellent comfort in suspension with a wide seat for stability and leg mobility. Rigid side edges help prevent the webbing straps cutting into the thighs.Three easily accessible equipment loops. Easy adjustment with the DoubleBack buckles. Easily positioned on the back when not in use. Weight 2.57 lbs. (1.170 kg). Made in France.

Note: We are not permitted to export Petzl items.