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SKEDCO, Sked Stretcher System

SKEDCO, Sked Stretcher System

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Ref: SK200-O

Price:    $614.95 

A rescue and patient transport system that is compact, lightweight and versatile. It performs all of the functions of a traditional basket stretcher and much more. The Sked Stretcher's design and flexibility makes it ideal for confined space rescue in areas such as: storage tanks, ship's hatches, mine shafts, manholes, caves, ventilation ducts and other difficult locations. It is a breeze to drag, slide or move on all surfaces. It can be quickly rigged for either horizontal or vertical (head first) lowering or hoisting with rope systems. For patients with spinal or cervical injuries the Sked Stretcher will accept any immobilization device currently on the market. The Sked OSS II Backboard will fit inside the backpack along with the stretcher, giving you a complete backboard and stretcher in one package. The Sked will also accept mast trousers. Weight of stretcher is only 11 lbs. (5 kg). Weight of entire system is only 16 lbs. (7.27 kg). Made in the U.S.A.
NSN: 6530-01-260-1222

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