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Superclip For Remote Rescue Retrieval

The Rescue Clip lets you easily attach to anchors and out of reach victims. Made from stainless steel spring to last forever. Designed to hold virtually any carabiner in the open position for attachment to an anchor point or other attachment points. Also available with strap to attach to a paddle or pike pole for extended reach. Carabiners and poles sold separately. Weight 2 oz. (56g). Made in USA.

SUPER CLIPS, Standard Rescue Clip Ref: 101
Price:    $23.95 

The standard model can be used on most standard aluminum carabiners. Made in U.S.A. 

SUPER CLIPS, Rescue Clip Ref: 102
Price:    $29.95 

Super Clip designed for use with most steel and auto-locking carabiners. 

SUPER CLIPS, Standard Clip with Attaching Strap Ref: 103
Price:    $29.95 

Super Clip for use with standard carabiners. Comes with strap for use on paddles and pike poles. 
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