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PETZL, Jane MGO Lanyard

PETZL, Jane MGO Lanyard

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Ref: L53-XX

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60 cm - $92.95
100 cm - $96.95
150 cm - $106.00

Non-adjustable dynamic rope lanyard for work positioning and backup systems. Used alone for work positioning, or combined with an energy absorber for integration into a fall arrest system. Large sized opening on the MGO connector is designed to clip onto metal structures, cables and large-diameter bars. Automatic locking connector has a large opening and stays permanently in place at the lanyard's termination. Certifications CE EN 354 & EN 362. 3 lengths to choose from: 23.6" (60 cm), 39.3" (100 cm) & 59" (150 cm). Weight: 60 cm - 1.2 lbs (563 g), 100 cm - 1.3 lbs (585 g), 150 cm - 1.4 lbs (640 g). Made in France.
Note: WE are not permitted to export Petzl items.

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